Coloud Hulk Headphones - Closer Look and Testing

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Coloud Hulk Headphones
Closer Look and Testing


Like every pair of headphones, they come in handy for most devices we use these days that play sound. They work with almost anything except for my Nokia E71 and other phones that use a 2.5mm jack as they would need an adaptor to fit the standard 1/8” jack on these headphones. Other than that, Coloud’s Hulk headphones sound decent whether you hook then up to your Zune, IPod, laptop, computer or other audio source and pound out some tunes, video, podcast, or even listening to your brother on Skype sing you a lullaby; you’ll be jamming and listening to your favorite tunes in no time. 

Marvel Brand
Hulk Image
The Hulk!!


I listened to some hip-hop rap by Lecrae and Trip Lee, as well as rock, country, techno and so on and they all sounded great! I love pounding bass! Its music to my ears!   I’ve even tried it out while gaming in some Call of Duty: Black Ops single player and some Zuma’s Revenge as well.  All audio content sounded good and clear.

The Hulk


On a side note, they were not very comfortable – at all.  They’re not bad for the first 15-20 minutes possibly, but after an hour they irritated my ears and felt like waking up after sleeping on your ear funny. Even if I adjust them for a bit they bugged my ears.  It may differ for other people, but for me the comfort was horrible. The headphones have a firm tight grip to it that even Zeus with his hardcore head-banging won’t be able to lose them while rocking out! I found the padding a little stiffer than I’d like and this makes them not as comfortable – and I have small head.  I did find that the tight fit offers pretty good passive noise isolation. You can hear the odd voice/sound, but a lot of the time it’s like “your lips are moving but all I hear is blah blah blah” - especially when your music is going!



Although I'm no audio expert and my tests are purely subjective, I've included the specifications of these headphones as listed by Coloud.



Final Thoughts:

Coloud’s Marvel Hulk themed headphones were not too bad to try out and tune in. I’d say they’re good for a short time use, but the poor comfort makes them hard to recommend for long periods of listening, but then again it could be just me. For comfort, everyone is different and entitled to their own opinion and head/ear shape. It would make a great collector’s edition if you’re a big fan of the Hulk or Marvel comics. The pricing on the headphones is close to $30 and that makes it kind of a love and hate relationship. Sound and style are great, but comfort - not so much. Some improvements I could suggest are the use of different padding material or just plain softer ear-pads and a little less grip on the headband. 



  • Good sound
  • Distinct style
  • Comic themed


  • Not comfortable
  • Padding is too firm
  • Headband is too tight
  • Hurts ears for long periods of time 


I'd like to thank Coloud for hooking us up with these headphones for the review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.