CoolIT Vantage A.L.C. CPU Cooler - Installation

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CoolIT Vantage A.L.C. CPU Cooler
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CoolIT Vantage A.L.C. CPU Cooler - Testing and Installation:

One of the things we liked about the CoolIT ECO that we reviewed was the ease of installation, the Vantage is the same. Installation of the two coolers was pretty much identical and I can't really see any potential issues with installation.

Just like the ECO, you're going to want to make sure you have enough room to get the radiator mounted at the rear of your case. As you can see in the next few pictures our NZXT Phantom test case didn't have enough room and we ended up having the radiator interfere with the top fan. We were able to install the radiator but weren't able to use the top fan which isn't the end of the world in this particular case but just make sure you measure to avoid surprises (also remember that our case was a Full Tower case so one would have assumed that we'd be ok).


CoolIT Vantage - Radiator Interfering with Top Fan
CoolIT Vantage - Installed

Other than the lack of room between the radiator and the top fan we had absolutely no other issues with the installations. Compared to other water cooling setups in the past the ECO and Vantage from CoolIT are two of the easiest setups I've ever installed.


CoolIT Vantage - Installed
CoolIT Vantage - Installed

That's about it for the installation section for the CoolIT Vantage, everything was nice and simple and it made installation a breeze.