Patriot @ CES 2011

CES 2011 - Patriot

Day 1 of our CES 2011 coverage featured a stop over at Patriot to check out some of Patriot's new products.

In 2010 the Patriot Box Office media player (and later the PBO Core media player) sold very well thanks to a very competitive price (could be found online for ~$50 USD). The success of the Patriot Box Office has encouraged Patriot to expand their "Media" products and one of these products is the new Javelin S4 Media Server. The Javelin S4 is a 4-bay "NAS-like" Media Server which will allow you get load it up with 4 hard drives (which can be put into RAID 0,1, or 5) and help the home user manage all of their media in one place. Patriot is trying to avoid calling the Javelin S4 a "NAS" and will be adding features to make the Javelin S4 more "user friendly". Some of the fine details haven't been finalized yet for this unit, but accessing your media from your TV, phone, tablet, or whatever device you choose will hopefully become much simpler.

Also pictured below (right) is the Javelin S4 beside a 2-bay version of the Javelin S4. As of CES 2011 this device hasn't been named or really any details been released but I would assume that it will be very similar to the Javelin S4 just with 2 hard drives instead of 4.


Javelin S4
Patriot 2011 - Javelin S4 Media Server
Patriot Network Attaches Boxes
Patriot 2011 - Javelin S4 Media Server


Patriot of course is probably best known for their memory and they were showing off some of their new 2133MHz DDR3 as well as some some new products in their Sector 5 and Viper series.


Viper DDR3
Patriot 2011 - Viper Memory
Sector 5 DDR3
Patriot 2011 - Sector 5 Memory


SSD's are also a big part of Patriot's business and they were showing off some drives from their existing Inferno and Torqx series which are both SATA II SSD's. The new announcement was their new Wildfire series which will be their first SATA III drive. The details of the Wildfire aren't public yet but as pictured below they will have a 240GB version and the folks at Patriot are pretty excited about the performance they hope to achieve with the Wildfire series of SSD's.

Patriot also was showing off their new line of Gauntlet hard drive enclosures that are using USB 3.0.


Patriot 2011 - New Wildfire SSD
USB 3.0 Enclosure
Patriot 2011 - Gauntlet USB 3.0 Enclosure


It appears like 2011 should be a very interesting year for Patriot thanks to a few new products that they've released at CES 2011.

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