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TCL 10 Pro

P34A80 1TB
Silicon Power P34A80 1TB NVMe

PD35TAC Patriot
Fenix PD35 TAC LED Patriot Ed.

Silicon Power BP82 Blast Plug

Linux IQ Test for Geeks

If you consider yourself a "true" computer geek, you've probably played around with Linux.  My opinion is that if you haven't compiled your own kernel, you're a noob.  I've done it once, but I still didn't score well on this Linux IQ test.  Take a look and see if you score better than 11 out of 20.

So you live and breathe Linux, eh? You've aced Linux IQ Test: Round 1 and our Open Source IQ Test to boot. The free OS runs on your phone, your netbook, your desktop, and even your alarm clock. You named your dog Linus and you have Tux wallpaper.