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Intel Buys Cool - Or Tries To...

What do you do if you're a big technology player - a huge technology player that want to try and be hip?  You hire a "musician" that knows nothing about technology - except that Xbox 360 is cooler than PS3 - and call him your "Director of Creative Innovation".  Nicely done Intel. This is about as wonderful as having Lady Gaga work for Polaroid.  It's a wise business move for sure... right?

He’s best known for being a multi-platinum music artist, producer and front man for The Black Eyed Peas, but is also an innovator, technology fan, entrepreneur and philanthropist. With today’s announcement at the Anaheim Convention Center, the seven-time Grammy winner has added another title to his multi-faceted resume: “director of creative innovation.”


Ok, so maybe he knows a little about tech, but really Intel? Will.I.Am?