Patriot PBO Core Media Player - Closer Look, Installation and Setup

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Patriot PBO Core Media Player
Closer Look, Installation and Setup
New Features
Ease of Use. Bittorrent Support, and Firmware
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First Look:
Ok, so the PBO Core is the same hardware-wise as the original Patriot Box Office so we won't waste too much time in this section. (Check out our original review if you would like more pictures of this product).

Front Profile
Rear Profile

The accessories included with the PBO Core are pretty standard and will allow you to easily get it connected to pretty much any TV. The size of the unit and remote are much the same as the original with a minor change to the logo on the front of the box.
Installation and Setup:

Installation and setup of the PBO Core is just as easy as it was with the original (maybe even easier). 
Just like the original the PBO Core features the ability to add a 2.5" SATA hard drive so you can store your favorite media on the PBO Core for easy access. Hooking the PBO Core up to your TV is as easy as plugging in the power cord and then plugging it to your TV and you're up and running. 
Inside the PBO
As this is a network media player you have 2 options to get connected to your network, wired and wireless (wireless requires a USB network adapter, for our testing we used Patriot's Wireless N Adapter). While testing we tried both options and found both to easily connect and we encountered no issues with either option. The original Patriot Box Office was known to have a few wireless issues when trying to connect to your wireless network but it appears that those issues have been resolved and we had no problems connecting the PBO Core to our wireless network via a USB network adapter.