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New Features - Internet Media Services (IMS)
One of the new features (and probably the coolest) with the PBO Core is the inclusion of Internet Media Services (IMS) which allow you to access internet media right from your TV.
Included with the IMS features are:
  • Video News
  • Picasa
  • Flikr
  • Stocks
  • Weather
  • ESPN Radio
  • RSS News

All of these features work amazingly well and add great value to the PBO Core. 
Video News works great and was surprisingly quick to access news from your favorite networks (ABC, CNN, MSNBC and more). You can also add Video RSS feeds from your favorite news providers. I was pleasantly surprised at just how well this worked and how easy it was to access on-demand content using this feature.
The PBO Core does not have Hulu or Netflix access which is probably going to be one of the biggest beefs that people have with this unit. Hulu and Netflix access can be manually added by using a third-party program such as TVersity or PlayOn (you can find instructions on how to do that over at Patriot's Forums).
Internet Media Services (IMS)
Internet Media Services (IMS)
Also included in the IMS section is a weather option. In this feature you can check out the weather pretty much anywhere in the United States, Asia or Europe. Oddly enough they've forgotten about Canada (the big country just north of the United States). Kinda funny that the United States is the only North American country included while Bulgaria, Isle of Man, Moldova and Lichtenstein (and many more) are included. 
Internet Media Services (IMS)
Internet Media Services (IMS)
Regardless of the lack of support for countries such as Canada and Mexico, this feature is pretty neat and it doesn't just show the weather it gives you detailed information as well as a map on the side to show you where the city you are looking at is located.