Patriot PBO Core Media Player - Ease of Use. Bittorrent Support, and Firmware

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Patriot PBO Core Media Player
Closer Look, Installation and Setup
New Features
Ease of Use. Bittorrent Support, and Firmware
Final Thoughts
Ease of Use:

In our original review we found that Interface to be one of the weak points with the Patriot Box Office. The menus were pretty basic and sometimes the navigation could be a little bit on the confusing side.
The PBO Core has a new interface and the ease of use has been improved significantly over the original product.

Main Menu
Picture Viewing
Thanks to this new interface on the PBO Core, browsing your media is quick and painless and you should have no problem getting you media playing nice and quick.



The Bittorrent ability of the PBO Core hasn't changed much since the original, you are still going to need a hard drive installed in the unit and you are going to have to log into the system from another computer. 

It would have been nice to see an option to be able to check on your downloads from your TV, but chances are good that most people are going to be using this unit as a media player and not as a bittorrent client so for the average consumer the lack of features in this Bittorrent client isn't going to be that big of a deal.



Ok, I mentioned this as the beginning of the review but it's worth noting again, this time I'll do it in bold letters:

If you have bought the original Patriot Box Office you can upgrade your firmware and gain all the new features of the PBO Core for FREE. 

Yes folks, Free, Zero, Zilch, Nothing. 

This is a very nice gesture from Patriot not to screw the early adopters. There are companies out there that would not be so generous (especially with a $50 dollar product) and would make consumers purchase the new model if they wanted the new features and interface, Patriot is not one of these companies and I applaud them for not trying to screw the consumer.