Cooler Master CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse

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Cooler Master CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse
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Product(s): CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse
Provided By: Cooler Master

Price: ~$49.99 USD


Today we've got a new mouse on the test bench from Cooler Master, the Spawn gaming mouse. This mouse is from Cooler Master's "CM Storm" lineup of products that is aimed more towards the gaming crowd. Cooler Master has 3 mice in their CM Storm lineup so far which includes the Spawn, Inferno and CM Storm Sentinel Advance mouse.

The Spawn gaming mouse is a bit smaller than other mice however its smaller size and lightweight design make it a great alternative to some of the other gaming mice on the market.

Let's move onto the next section and see what the Spawn is all about.


First Impressions:

Spawn Box
CM Spawn - Packaging (Front)
Spawn Open Box
CM Spawn - Packaging (Open)


In the next set of pictures (right) you'll see that the CM Spawn doesn't come with much inside the box, you get the mouse and a quick start guide (which is all you need to get up and going). There is software available for the Spawn mouse which can be downloaded from the CM Storm website and you are provided instructions on how to get that in the quick start guide. It's sometimes nice to not have to go find software online to get up and going but the Spawn software is a small 4 MB download so it shouldn't take you very long to get that up and going. You can definitely use this mouse without installing the software however if you want to do some fine adjustments or setup macros you will need to get the software from their website.

CM Spawn - Features
Spawn Bundle
CM Spawn - Included Accessories


As you might be able to tell from the pictures the Spawn mouse is a bit smaller than other mice we've tested, in our testing section we'll provide some side-by-side comparison pictures with other mice to help you get a better picture of how it compares size-wise.

Spawn Profile
CM Spawn - Side View
Spawn Side Buttons
CM Spawn - Side View


Both sides of the Spawn mouse have a rubberized grip that allows you to keep a good grip on the mouse (and makes it tougher to blame the mouse when you keep dying in your favorite game).

Spawn Bottom
CM Spawn - Bottom View
Spawn Top Down
CM Spawn - Top View


There we go, that's the CM Storm: Spawn mouse from Cooler Master, in the next sections we'll take a closer look at the fine details and give this mouse a test drive and see how it performs.