Cooler Master CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse - Installation and Testing

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Cooler Master CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse
Installation and Testing
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CM Spawn Mouse Testing

Reviewing a mouse is one of the best/easiest things to test because basically you just have to use it and see how it performs. I installed the CM Spawn on my desktop system that I use primarily for desktop/website takes but also have a few games installed as well.

The first couple minutes were the weirdest due to the CM Spawn’s smaller size. Most mice that I have used in the past have been larger in size than the CM Spawn so at first it felt a bit weird.  In the past most of the mice that I use on a daily basis are a bit larger than the CM Spawn and normally have a bit more weight to them.  The smaller size and lighter weight of this mouse made the first few minutes of using the CM Spawn feel weird but after about 15 minutes of gameplay (and once I stopped actually thinking about the differences) the CM Spawn mouse quickly grew on me.

The biggest thing that grew on me with this mouse was just how smooth it was and how well it tracked even on a smooth surface. For testing I used a variety of cloth and hard mousepads as well as just on the top of my desk (which is normally what I use). The CM Spawn performed like a champ on all 3 surfaces so regardless of your mousepad preference you should have no issues with the CM Spawn.

I've mentioned throughout the review that the Spawn is a bit smaller than other gaming mice that I've tested and to provide a comparison I've taken some pictures of it beside the SteelSeries Ikari mouse (our full review of the Ikari can be found here).

CM Spawn - Comparison
CM Spawn - Comparison


The DPI adjustment is done using the middle buttons and can be done on the fly to easily change between 800, 1800, and 3500 DPI.  For normal everyday use I normally have a mouse set to around 1500 DPI as my preference but found that 1800 DPI was very easy to get used to and for the majority of the testing I did on this mouse I left it set on “Medium” (1800 DPI). Bumping the mouse up to 3500 DPI is a bit fast for my preference but in some games having the ability to switch quickly to a high DPI can come in very, very handy.

The CM Spawn Mouse features “Omron 5 Million Clicks Micro Switches” for the buttons on this mouse. I’m not so sure what makes these micro switches so special but I must admit that they work great and have a very nice feel to them. It’s tough to explain just how clicking a mouse button feels so I’ll just say it’s like clicking butter (that’s good).
The scroll wheel on this mouse is a “Japanese-Made Ultra-Step Wheel Encoder” which apparently is good. Once again explaining how a mouse wheel feels is tough but overall the mouse wheel (scroll wheel) works nicely and I have no complaints about it.



The Spawn mouse comes with some custom software that will allow you to fine-tune you settings as well as setup macros if you desire. I'll provide a couple screenshots to show you some of the options you can change to your liking.


CM Spawn - Main Screen


CM Spawn - Custom Menu


The software is pretty straight-forward to use and you should be able to try out some different settings to find a combination that works best for you. This software is only available from the CM Storm website (direct link can be found here). One nice thing is that any settings you change in here will be saved to the mouse and if you transfer this mouse to another computer your settings will follow you (no re-setup required).

There aren't really any major drawbacks that I encountered while testing the Spawn mouse, however one thing that "Extremely Hardcore" users might not like is the fact that they can't adjust the DPI of this mouse to custom levels. You are able to toggle between 800, 1800, and 3500 DPI but can't set them to anything different. For 90% of people those settings are just fine but if you demand a specific DPI you would be out of luck.