Swiftpoint Micro Mouse - Real World Usage and Conclusion

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Swiftpoint Micro Mouse
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Real World Usage and Conclusion

Real World Scenarios:

Casual and Office Use:  This would be defined as standard OS navigation, navigating and manipulating documents, spreadsheets, productivity software, and browsing webpages.  For this purpose the SwiftPoint mouse performs equally well as a good desktop mouse.  Those looking for enhanced ergonomics may find it with the SwiftPoint mouse as I have.  I have found less wrist movement and more finger movement, and using the mouse everyday is comfortable.

Gaming:  Hard core gamers that use robo mice with two dozen micro adjustments, extra buttons, and removable weights will not be satisfied with the SwiftPoint mouse.  Casual gamers on the other hand should find it more than acceptable.  Although it's possible to hold down both the left and right mouse button these are triggers for turning features on and off and cannot be used by applications or games.  There can be no 'hold down the right button to look down the sight and click the left to shoot'.  Thankfully most games can be configured to toggle the 'look down the sight' ability to get around this limitation.  FPS games with the Microsoft 5000 were a nightmare to change weapons with the free wheeling scroll wheel.  Thankfully the SwiftPoint scroll wheel ratchets.

Graphic Manipulation:  I found the SwiftPoint mouse to provide enhanced precision during graphic manipulation thanks to its pen-like grip.  The main drawback was found using Blender.  In Blender the middle mouse button (MMB) is used to rotate around meshes.  There is no MMB, just like there is no cake.  This was more of a disappointment than a deal breaker for me as the MMB can be remapped to alt on the keyboard.  How would one incorporate a MMB with this design though?  The Microsoft 5000 or mobile 6000 had the same issue with zooming using the free wheeling scroll wheel.

Side In Hand
Yeah, it's that small
Other Side In Hand
Left Side


Portability:  Remember the ultimate goal of the SwiftPoint mouse is to provide enhanced mousing over a touch pad for users constantly on the go.  It was my goal to find the best portable mouse that I could use with every application and game that I wanted, and that's exactly what I found.  Yes there are some limitations but these are easily overcome by the features, portability, precision, and all around usability.



After passing the SwiftPoint mouse around the office it's not for everybody.  Some will reject it because it looks weird, and it feels funny.  Others won't work with it long enough to find their comfort grip.  Left handers may find a way to use it, but it's designed for your right hand.  SwiftPoint offers a 30 day risk free trial which is an excellent incentive to take one for a test drive.  At $69.00 the price is a bit steep, but if it fulfills all of your needs it's a worthwhile investment.



  • Small and lightweight
  • USB Dock, SmartTouch, SlideScroll, RapidCharge, Customizable 'up'
  • Pen-like grip
  • No software
  • Works with Ubuntu and possibly other mature Linux distributions
  • Additional parking accessories available



  • No MMB
  • Can't use left and right mouse button concurrently
  • Docking with the USB dock is generally impossible with vertical USB ports
  • Right hand design only

BCC Silver!

I'd like to thank FutureMouse for sending over the SwiftPoint for us to review.  It certainly is a different product that manages to stand out in a crowded peripheral market.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.