Tt eSPORTS Black Gaming Mouse - Black Mouse Testing and Conclusion

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Tt eSPORTS Black Gaming Mouse
Black Mouse Testing and Conclusion


I tested this mouse for over 125+ hours playing Call Of Duty Black Ops with Thermaltake Conkor gaming pad and had no problems at all.  The eSPORTS Black mouse buttons 1 and 2 are concave and fit your fingers perfectly for slip free fragging.  The Black scroll wheel is as smooth as it can be without being sloppy.  I have played 12 straight hours and had minimal hand cramp.

Black Mouse Profile
Black Mouse Profile
Weight Cover Off
Weight Cover Off


It tracked smoothly on all the surfaces I tested and the in-game adjustable DPI is a nice treat.  If you decide to spend a bit of time camping in a map with a sniper rifle, you can lower the sensitivity to make those headshots easier.  It works equally well in a game like Crysis 2 where you need to have smooth consistent mouse movement, then be able to increase the DPI to make driving vehicles that much easier and more responsive.

I've been very impressed with this mouse.  It's honestly a great mouse.




I love this mouse.  I found only one major problem with the Tt eSPORTS Black gaming mouse though - It is not left handed.  If you are looking for a comfortable, fast and accurate gaming mouse I would highly recommended the Thermaltake eSPORTS Black gaming mouse in combination with the Thermaltake Conkor gaming pad.  It's a solid combination that works and looks great together and won't cost you your rent.  I'm going to score the Thermaltake Black gaming mouse a solid 9.5/10. It is one of the absolute best gaming mice I've ever used.  It's simple, has enough buttons to be useful without being confusing and just plain works.



  • Comfortable
  • Affordable - found it online as low as $34
  • Fast and accurate
  • Strong tangle-free cable
  • Gold-plated USB
  • Well designed
  • Removable weights
  • Thumb grip
  • DPI control



  • Not left handed


So there you have it.  The Tt eSPORTS Black Mouse is a pretty solid contender in the crowded gaming mouse arena.  It offers basic features, but does thing well enough to make it a good purchase if you shop around.  For under $40 this is a good mouse that should satisfy the needs of many gamers.  I'd like to thank Thermaltake for sending over this mouse for us to review.  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.