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Product(s): Psyko Audio Carbon 5.1 Gaming Headset
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I was pretty excited when I found out that I would be reviewing the new Psyko Audio Carbon headset due to the fact that this gaming headset is really unlike anything available on the market today. I was also excited to review this headset because the only way to test a gaming headset is also a great excuse to play games (and trust me, I tested it thoroughly). The Psyko Audio Carbon headset is built for gaming and that's exactly what we used it for.

We met the guys from Psyko way back at CES 2009 where they were showing off their original Psyko 5.1 headset which was truly like nothing we'd seen before. Now 2 years later Psyko Audio has taken what they've learned from the original Psyko 5.1 headset and released a new and improved version named Carbon which we will be taking a look at today.

In the next section we'll quickly take a look at what sets the Psyko Audio Carbon headset apart from the others and how they are able to produce true 5.1 audio without using any software or having to simulate anything.


About Psyko Audio

Before we begin I'll quickly go over what Psyko Audio is all about and how this headset (as well as the original Psyko 5.1 headset) works for those unfamiliar with Psyko's products. The Carbon headset is quite obviously not your average headset and there are a few major differences worth noting.

The biggest difference is that the Carbon features 5 individual speakers in the top of the headset. These speakers are then, for lack of a better word, "piped" into the ear cups. Other "5.1" headsets will use one speaker in each ear cup and simulate 5.1 sounds while the Carbon actually uses 5 speakers (plus the individual sub-woofers in each ear cup). I've included a picture from Psyko Audio that shows you how the Carbon headset is all setup.

2009.04.29 driver positioning.jpg

Even the way audio passes by your ears is unique and really replicates a 5.1 speaker setup properly. Obviously not everyone has the room or the situation where you can have a 5.1 speaker setup (you can't haul your speakers to a LAN party) and that's exactly where a product like the Carbon headset really shines and sets itself apart from the competition. 

2009.04.29.psyko wave technology.jpg


Hopefully the pictures courtesy of Psyko Audio give you a better idea of how their PsykoWave technology works. If you want to find out more about how their headsets work you can head over to Psyko's website for more in depth details.


First Impressions:

If you ever seen or demoed the original Psyko 5.1 headset you'll notice that the new Carbon headset shape-wise is pretty much identical to the original, the concept and design is very similar with the Carbon being an "improved" version of the original. The original Psyko 5.1 headset was orange in color but the new Carbon version is pretty much entirely black. Other differences include improved speakers in the headset, an improved amplifier, as well as the construction of the headset itself has been beefed up significantly over the original Psyko 5.1 headset.

Box Open
Open Box

You don't score any extra points for having nice packaging but if you did Psyko would gain an extra point or two. Everything is packaged nice and secure to help prevent your friendly delivery man from destroying your headset while delivering it to you.

Carbon Profile
Branded Earpiece

On the next page we'll take a closer look at the Carbon headset before we venture onto the specifications.