HEC Windmill 400W PSU

Rodney is at it again, and this time he takes a look at the HEC Windmill 400W PSU in his latest view review.  The model "Windmill" doesn't really bring to mind a quiet PSU like so many of the competition's "Whisper" and "SilentX" series.  Either way, head on over and check it out if you've got some high-speed, or are patient with dial-up.  3DGameman has the details.

"The HEC Windmill Power Supply offers 400 watts of power that meets today's current computer system requirements. For the most part, this is a plain, yet well priced product with a twist. What sets this one apart from any run-of-the-mill power supply is the 120mm fan. This fan is capable of pushing enough air to keep the inside cool but still remain virtually silent. It has all the main ingredients of a great product. Watch the Video to find out more..."