Cooler Master NotePal LapAir Cooler - Features, Specifications and More

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Cooler Master NotePal LapAir Cooler
Features, Specifications and More
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As we take a bit of a closer look at the LapAir, we also will check out some features as well.  We'll copy and paste some of the information from the Cooler Master product page.  For all of the details, please check out their site.


General Info:

ProfileThe Notepal LapAir is a simple and elegant solution to a problem that has existed since the mass production of laptops. That is, finding a comfortable way to use a laptop away from a desk without it overheating or burning the user. A laptop cooler and a cushion have come together to create the perfect away from the office companion. It allows users to work on their laptop anywhere they can find a seat or lay down. The LapAir becomes an ergonomic surface for viewing and typing while resting on a user's lap. Cooler Master understands that comfort is paramount in these situations and the NotePal LapAir is engineered to deliver.

  • Noiseless fan with great cooling performance.
  • Comfy sponge mat provides comfort.
  • Ergonomic design for best viewing/typing angle.
  • Easy access to fan for quick cleaning.
  • Powered by USB port extender, you won't lose a USB port.
  • Cable grooves for easy USB cable management.
  • Supports up to 17" laptops 





While Cooler Master claims the fan to be "Noiseless" - it is most certainly not.  In fact, the LapAir is one of the louder Notebook coolers we've tested.  It is said to draw up to 1.7W of power on this 5v connection which greatly exceeds the 500mAh specification of a traditional USB port.  In some cases, it could actually overload and bugger up your USB ports on your laptop.  I'm not too worried about that though, but I'm concerned about the 42.4dBA measurement I took in my office with other computes off and the LapAir running under my laptop. 

B9225-18RA-2RN-F1 Fan @ 65cfm

The Sound Pressure Level measurement was taken at my ear - about two feet from my laptop.  That is much louder than the 23dBA rating on the fan.  In all fairness, the office ambient measures 40dBA so it doesn't add a lot of noise.  As a reference, the Thermaltake Massive23 LX cannot be measured above ambient office noise levels. 

On the last page we'll take a look and see how the LapAir performs.