Evercool NB-FT1 FIT Notebook Cooler - Features, Specs and Testing

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Evercool NB-FT1 FIT Notebook Cooler
Features, Specs and Testing

Features & Specifications:

Just before we jump into testing we'll take a look and see what Evercool has to say about their product.  This is always interesting as companies like to brag on stuff that many products simply can't achieve.  The information below has been pulled directly from the Evercool product page for the NB-FT1.  Please check out the site for up to date info.  The information below has been posted here for your convenience.

  • Compatible for all 9" to 18" size laptops.
  • To take out the heat inside the laptop, keep the smooth operation and lengthen laptop’s lifetime.
  • Unique multi-angles adjustment design enlarges its compatibility for all 9”~18” size laptops.
  • Easy to use and no assembling process.
  • Simple and small for easy carry.
  • Weighted only 60g. Compared with other bulky NB cooling pads, it is very suitable for storage, and carry.
  • Modeling style integrates technics and aesthetics.
  • To be able to use alone or collocate with NB cooling pad. 





As we fire into testing, it's a bit of a mixed bag.  I can't help but feel that on some laptops the Evercool FIT would do better than on others.  Generally speaking the Lenovo T410 machines run pretty cool in the grand scheme of things.  When we test laptop coolers - and desktop coolers for that matter - we use software that takes the temperature inside the CPU Core.  This registers a lot hotter than traditional methods of temperature reading so please keep that in mind when looking at the chart below.

Also, in order to get these temperatures with the Evercool FIT, we had to cram the FIT into place over the exhaust vent on the laptop and use another one of the rubber air-ducts to keep the angle of the FIT tilted to provide proper contact with the laptop.  This allows the FIT to properly draw air from the machine.  If you simple put the FIT up beside you laptop without a rubber air-duct, you won't see temperatures even close to these.  It's something to keep in mind for sure.


As you can see, the Evercool NB-FT1 does provide some measure of cooling.  However, this is not as easy to achieve on the Lenovo T410 as it requires propping things up at odd angles to provide contact and actual performance.  Each laptop is different though so keep that in mind if deciding to try out the FIT.

Sealed for Performance
Sealed for Performance
Jacked Into Place
Jacked Into Place


Final Thoughts:

The Evercool FIT is an interesting product that will certainly not be for everyone.  While it is designed to be portable - I don't think many people would pack this up, set it up and try and use it while on the road.  The design looks pretty slick, but when applied to a real-world scenario, it isn't as smooth to operate as it could be.  It would also be nice if the fan were adjustable as it does in fact make a fair bit of noise when in operation.  It's not as loud as some laptop stands, but it certainly isn't silent.  That being said, I do love the retractable cord.  It makes the overall product look pretty classy and keeps things tidy and easy to store.  

I'm hard to impress when it comes to laptop cooling and the numbers do speak for themselves.  The Thermaltake Massive23 LX dock does a better job cooling a laptop, but not by a lot - and only at Idle.  Full-load temperature results are a bit skewed as the laptop does throttle when it gets close to 100°C.  I also feel that the plastic design and the "clicky" hinge of the FIT will break down sooner, rather than later if used a lot.  Only time will tell on that account.  I guess the bottom line is "What can you expect for $15?"



  • Small, portable unit
  • Retractable USB cable
  • Provides adequate cooling - even with a small footprint design



  • No adjustable fan
  • Plastic feels flimsy
  • Finicky to set up properly (sealed for good airflow)



If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.  I would like to thank Evercool for sending out the FIT for us to review.