iTablet Bluetooth Thumb Keyboard - Closer Look and Features

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iTablet Bluetooth Thumb Keyboard
Closer Look and Features
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Closer Look:

The iTablet keyboard packs a lot of functionality into a small package but they do so at the expense of some convenience.  The have to cram a few buttons in places that aren't always the easiest to access when typing with both thumbs.  There is only one "Shift" key and this works great when pressing with your right index finger and pressing a letter with your left thumb.  When you need to use a capital letter with your right thumb, it is not so easy.  Most of the other keys work just fine, but the Fn (Function) key stays toggled on or off when pressed and if you're just trying to place a period at the end of a sentence, this requires 3 key presses to make it happen.  (eg. Fn on + F[.] + Fn off.  

Fn + Bluetooth + Shift + R-Click
Fn + Bluetooth + Shift + R-Click
Windows + CAPS + Alt + Light + CTRL + L-Click
Windows + CAPS + Alt
+ Light + CTRL + L-Click


If you are using the "Function" mode, there is an indicator LED that shows up to let you know what is going on.  Also, there are indicators for Power/Charge, Trackpad and Bluetooth Pairing to round out your indication needs. 

Keyboard Indicators  
Keyboard Indicators


The bottom of the iTablet keyboard contains the power switch as well as a separate switch for the Track-pad.  While the movement on the Track-pad is essentially reversed - it makes perfect sense and took no time to get used to when using it upside down.  When you grip the keyboard in your palms so that your thumbs are ready for typing - your fingers naturally migrate to the Track-pad and work very well for simple mouse movement.




The Thumb Keyboard has a full qwerty keyboard with integral touchpad and is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold and easy to use. It has the flexibility to connect with many different devices via Bluetooth and has backlit keys enabling it to be used in low lighting conditions.

The Thumb Keyboard is compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth enabled laptop, notebook and tablet computers including the new itablet from AHX Global. It can also be used with many mobile phones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices including the latest IPTV systems and gaming platforms including PS3 and Xbox 360. 


Supports all HID service devices including:

  • iPad, iPhone, PS3, Windows 7 & XP, Android, Linux, Interactive TV (IPTV)


  • Bluetooth 2.0 specification compliant
  • Bluetooth HID 1.0 profile compliant

Battery - 4.2V 400mAh
Touchpad - 52 x 40mm
Dimensions - 150 x 90mm
Weight - 96.6g


On the last page, we'll fire this keyboard up and see how it works in the real world.