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Product: NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse
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Today we have a new product from NZXT - the Avatar S Laser Gaming mouse.  NZXT manufactures many PC components like PC cases, Case fans, Fan controllers, Power Supplies and Premium cables.  Over the past few years they have also started to manufacture some peripherals including mice.  NZXT's motto is simple: Unique. Unprecedented. Inspired.  We'll soon find out if this mouse will help the Navi race or if it will simply help you game better and destroy those gaming n00bs.

 Avatar S
Avatar S Package


First Impression:

At first glance, the NZXT Avatar S Laser gaming mouse looks just like any other mouse.  However, unlike many Logitech and Razer gaming mice, it has a unique ambidextrous design.  The Avatar S works just as well for either right or left-handed people.  It has three feet to glide on. There is two feet in the front and one large one all the way across the rear.  The Avatar S mouse I received came in white, but they do make it in black, too.

NZXT is an equal opportunity company and they don't support racist mice (or coffee for that matter). Cool

The Avatar S Laser Gaming mouse come with the standard USB connector, but has a very long cord.  It measures a little over 7 feet which is very nice especially if your tower is not sitting on your desk. The USB connector is gold plated which will ensure a good connection.

 Top Down
Top Down
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On the next page we'll take a look at the specifications and software before we jump into testing the mouse.