PowerSkin Case for Blackberry Bold 97x0 - Features and Specifications

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PowerSkin Case for Blackberry Bold 97x0
Features and Specifications
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As we take a look at the features of the PowerSkin for the BlackBerry Bold, we'll head on over and pull the main details from the product page and just post them here for your convenience.  If you need more information, please head on over for more.


Life charges on.
With twice the power for your smartphone, your life charges on. You can keep working. Keep playing. Keep moving. PowerSkin® is your go-to, go-anywhere, go on-and-on power source. Because battery life is life.

And when (not if) you drop your phone along the way, life charges on. With a sleek, protective design that fits your phone and your style like a second skin, PowerSkin® is there where the silicone rubber hits the road of your life. More, PowerSkin® is XPAL Powered, meaning it's charged by patented battery technology that reflects the highest standards of safety, quality, and performance. We've got you — and your phone — covered.


  • One piece tough case
  • Soft silicone rubber
  • Provides up to twice the power
  • 100% recycled case
  • Rechargeable
  • Lightweight
  • Smart battery technology
  • On/Off button
  • LED battery status lights
  • Patented XPAL Power® battery technology


Tech Specs:

  • Power Capacity: 1150mAh
  • Input Spec: 5V, 0.7A
  • Output Spec: 5V, 0.7A
  • Talk Time: 230 Mins*
  • Standby: 265 Hours*
  • Product Dimensions:
    4.45L X 2.75W X 0.9H inches
    11.3L X 7W X 2.3H cm
  • Weight: 0.17lbs / 77.1g

On the next page we'll take a look at charging up the PowerSkin as well as some general usage and figure out if this is worth the money or if you're money is better put to use elsewhere.