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BlueAnt Embrace Stereo Headset
Features and Specifications
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Features and Specifications:

As we jump into some features and specifications, we'll pull some information from the BlueAnt Embrace product page.  For all of the details, make sure you take a look at their product page.  The information below has been posted for your convenience.

Music The Way It Was Meant To Be Heard
True-To-Life Sound: Due to the flat frequency response of our highly optimized drivers, the BlueAnt EMBRACE enhances your mobile entertainment experience by offering the absolute best sound that is not artificially manipulated. The headphones provide a listening experience that is true-to-life and enables users to adjust EQ settings to match their personal preferences.

Absolute Best Sound
The EMBRACE offers the absolute best sound to enhance your mobile entertainment experience. The sealed-leather pads keep noise out and ensure that you hear all the audio detail and range faithfully reproduced.

Inventive and Smart
The ultimate in music enjoyment with highly optimized and refined drivers keeping music sounding rich, pure and incredibly detailed.

"Music The Way It Was Meant To Be Heard"
Boasting 40mm custom tuned high performance drivers to deliver the fullest range of sound that is sure to enhance your mobile entertainment communication experience.

Precision Design
The EMBRACE has the best fit and is styled for comfort with conforming ear pads that hug your ears to filter out the unwanted background noise so you can focus on what you want to hear.

Personal audio never sounded or felt so good. EMBRACE your life.




On the last page we'll test these out and wrap things up.