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More Impressions:

The cord on the BlueAnt Embrace is detachable from the headphones so you can switch out the two different cords if you're device doesn't support the Apple'ish volume control.  The blue cord is the one that has the remote controls on it and also has a hole on the back of it for the microphone as well.  That cord is compatible for volume and microphone features on Apple products.  The microphone works on all phones that support a single cable for both microphone and headphones, but the volume control only works with Apple devices.  The black cord is for any device that doesn't have a microphone - such as your media player or portable gaming device.

Cord with Microphone

It would have been nice if they would have included a "Y" adapter that would allow you to hook it up to your PC or laptop.  A cord that separates these into a couple different connects can be a little harder to come across than a plain "Y" splitter.  Newer laptops and computers (like Zeus' Lenovo ThinkPad T410) has the microphone input and audio output all in one.  Not all laptops and PC's (like my Acer Travelmate) have a compatible jack.  Instead, they are separate connectors.  Another thing that's slick about the headset is that they are light-weight and fold flat so that you're able to fit them back in the carry case for easy storage.



ProfileTesting these suckers out was a great time!!   Right away, I noticed that they sound pretty sweet and are very clear.  If you want some good bass, these can deliver.  If you want very clear treble and great vocals, these are pretty good with all genres of music and do work well for gaming.  When i fire up my ZuneHD, it's like a party in my head!  The bass thumps pretty good without being too overbearing.  Because of the soft material they are made from, they are even "noise cancelling" as well.  In truth, they don't cancel noise, but they do block out most ambient sounds so that you forget someone's even in the same room as you.  I discovered that Zeus can get pretty irritated if he's trying to talk to me and I can't hear him!  He did get even by knocking loudly on the wall when I was singing away and scared me.  I really like the fact that I can use these an excuse to not listen to my brother!

Gaming on these was not too bad but they clearly are no Psyko Audio headset.  They offer good two-channel separation, but they are not 5.1 so directional audio is limited.  You can't hear every step from your enemies from every corner, but you are able to hear them in a stereo situation.

They are comfortable to wear with the soft leather padding.  Still, after wearing them for over two hours straight - or long periods without a break - the do begin to irritate my ears as they are an on-ear design.  They are not too bad compared to some that I've worn and tested, but this is the drawback of on-ear headphones.  This of course is a personal preference and maybe I have sensitive ears, but I think with it being soft padded they can be tolerable.  I won't discount them for comfort for sure.



The BlueAnt Embrace Headset was a great pair to listen to and rock out with!  The microphone features is great as there isn't an arm in the way that stuck out.  You can freely move around - eat, drink and rage without the microphone arm getting in the way.  The downside is that there isn't a mute button which would of been handy so the whole world doesn't always hear me if I'm talking to others in my house. 

Lower Profile

As far as comfort goes, they are really nicely padded on the ears and headband.  It's almost like wearing a soft leather sweater on your ears - unlike some cheap vinyl material on a lot of other headphones these days.  The pressure grip on my ears was a little uncomfortable after a while, but I can still wear them for a couple of hours without discomfort.

The price may be a bit steep for some as they stand roughly around $200, but because of their high-quality sound - on both the microphone and headphones, they are worth spending a little extra money on.  Although the included case looks a bit cheap, it is still handy for traveling and completes the deal.


  • travel case
  • awesome bass and great sound
  • no extended arm for mic
  • soft padding all around
  • 2 sets of cables and adapter
  • works with gaming



  • pretty expensive MSRP
  • no Y splitter
  • Pressure on ears gets uncomfortable
  • volume remote controls works only for Apple products




I'd like to thank BlueAnt for sending over their Embrace headset.  It has a lot of great features, very good quality but the price-tag is a little steep in my opinion.  If you could snag these for $139 - now, that would be a very tempting thing.

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