Android App Pick - Plugged In Mobile

Edited By: Eldon Kieper

Application: Plugged In Mobile

This week’s App Pick of the Week is all about picking a good movie that you won’t regret bringing home to your family.  We have chosen Plugged In Mobile as our pick of the week and this App will help you make better movie choices.

Plugged In

Right off the bat, you’ll get reviews of the latest releases in movies, DVDs or games but you can always search something that’s not listed as the most recent.  You can watch movie trailers, get honest reviews and there is even a “Family Friendliness Rating” that will help keep your kids from learning interesting new words.


Games have ratings for them, but these are merely the ESRB ratings and not reviews from the staff of PluggedIn.  Music doesn't have any rating (at least on the albums I tried.  If there are any reviews for games and music - they tend to be “micro-reviews.  I would recommend it for anybody so you’re not wasting your money and feeling disappointed in the end.

Plugged In

In addition to the family friendly features, this app features full movie details, movie reviews from film critics, movie trailers and you can even get showtimes for the latest movies playing in your local theater.  All of this combines into a great app that is free and is definitely worth checking out.

If you sign up, you can rate movies and choose movies to add to your list as well.  For the simple fact that this is a well rounded app for any movie fan, combined with the family friendly features of the program, it’s clearly a great app and has made our Android App Pick of the Week.



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