Android App Pick - Tap Tap Revenge 4

Application: Tap Tap Revenge 4

It’s Regina with another Android App Pick of the week!!  This week we've got another gaming app to share with you.  Speaking of sharing, did you know you can share apps with your fellow Android users?  Yes you can!  This can be done with built-in Android functionality or with an app called share apps, but lets leave that for another day.  That’s not the app for this week, but just wanted to point that out.  Anyhow, the gaming app of the week has to do with music.  If you’ve played Rock Band or Guitar Hero, here’s something in Android form.



Tap Tap Revenge 4.  It’s a fun game to tap to your favorite tunes by simply using your fingers or thumbs like you would with Guitar Hero or Rock Band.  You don’t need any attachments or plug-ins for it to work.  The game can be played online in "rooms" that have different songs of different difficulty.  You can also search for people close by (through geolocation options) and play with them to compare scores.  As you play songs you level up and if you want, you can buy songs or simply play the free ones.  As you level up, you unlock a free song and you can also play some free demo ones to see if you like them or if they are worth buying to tap tap to!  It’s a great app to play on some downtime and as a bonus you get to listen to music as you play!  If you like music or just want to chill with a fun app, check out Tap Tap Revenge 4!




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