Android App Pick - Converter

Edited By: Eldon Kieper

Application: Converter

Hello fellow readers of all ages!!  For those of you that may not be a math nerd and wondered while baking pie how many ounces are in a cup, or how many degrees Celsius equal to Fahrenheit - this week's app may be one of your new favorites. The Converter App is a great app as it is very simple and useful.  It has almost every conversion that you will use on a daily basis.  It even has a Bandwidth-Quality Factor Q, and Bits and Bytes conversion for the technology savvy crew.  It even covers power so you can do you own electrical wiring if you wanted... well, maybe not quite that extent, but you get the idea.



I like this app as it comes in handy.  My cherry pies have never tasted better!  This is probably one of the handiest apps in the market, as it has conversions for so many different things.  I know it would have helped me if they had Android back in the day when i was in school.  The only thing it doesn't have is currency conversion, but I know there's another app for that as currency changes constantly.  Still, I think this app would work for any person in business, at home or school.  It will help get the job done faster and easier for all sorts of conversions. 




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