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Application: Marble Blast!


App of the week is here and yes it is a gaming app! Most of you that play Popcap Games have maybe heard of  Zuma.  When I played Marble Blast I thought of Jason or "The Zuma King" as you may recall from WeeklyTechUpdate as he has mad Zuma Blitz skills that are impossible to keep up with!  That being said, Marble Blast is a lot similar to Zuma and can be hours of entertainment.  I did find a game that was called Zuma Android and it had the frog and was like Zuma for the PC, but it wasn't that great.  I found it a bit slow, laggy and it didn't have much for a background.  It just had a dark background and a white line that it followed.  Also, for some reason it didn't go to the next level when I finished.


Marble Blast!
Marble Blast Marble Blast

Marble Blast was a lot better. Like I said, it has similar game play.  You shoot the ball to match the colour in groups of three or more to make them disappear before the skull eats it.  In this case a hole, but there's just a few different things that you'll notice:

  1. The "Frog"  is replaced with some kind of Dragon.
  2. There are a couple of short wave lengths/strands of balls that come in parts instead of one big line like in Zuma.



In Zuma you can switch between two colours of balls at a time in the frogs mouth.  Marble Blast gives you three colours at a time that is held in the dragons mouth.  Zuma, you get slow balls, exploding balls, etc. Marble Blast, you get similar ones too, plus a ball that's rainbow and can match any ball.  Other bonus surprise balls arise as you go further in levels. At the home page, you are able to check scores to see how well you did against other Marble Blast competitors if you sign up under "openeenint".  You can even download other games made by the company's Ezjoy Newtwork.  This is found on the main screen under More Games. Check it out as there is so much to say about the game. That is it. Try it out yourself to see what you think!!

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