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We are almost two months into our App Pick of the Week and we present week #8!  Last week we had a gaming app, and this week Tigg’s got an app that’s non-gaming related.  In fact, it's an app that is very useful in our everyday lives - especially this time of the year.  No, it’s not what can I "ask 'Santa' for Christmas", or how can I "nag my parents to get me that gift" app.  It’s an app that’s true and life changing, and one that we all can use - a Bible App.  There are many Bible Apps out there, but this Bible App is from YouVersion and it's called Bible or The Bible App.  It’s a great app to use and is free with many different versions of the Christian Bible to read in the translation you want or can understand.

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I understand if some of you that are reading our App Pick of the Week, may not read the Bible or simply aren't interested at the moment, but if you change your mind on getting to that place, here’s a great app to get you started.  In the meantime, for those that do read and study the Bible its pretty easy to use.  You can make a note, highlight verses and bookmark them, have a reading plan and go live to interact with a church service online.  Some versions, such as the New Living Translation, can read to you through text to speech!  Again, it's pretty easy and simple to use.  You can quickly find what your looking for and this app is great on the go as I’ve used it at times when I forgot my Bible for church or youth group.

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