Android App Pick - Fruit Ninja

 Edited by Eldon "BoneRak" Kieper

Application: Fruit Ninja

Hey there fellow readers and app users. As the snow falls and the hot chocolate quenches our thirst and warms our bellies, we curl up on the couch and load up our Android devices with a bowel of fruit!  Fruit Ninja is our gaming app of the week. This is not a bad app, if you feel like a ninja, or always wanted to be one. It's pretty simple and to the point on what to do and how to play. Simply swipe your finger across the screen. That acts as your blade when the fruit is tossed up in the air to chop them in half and gain points. It’s like making a tossed fruit salad, only virtually!

Fruit Ninja

You can pick between three different modes, Classic, Arcade and Zen.

In Classic mode, you swipe the fruit as they come, if you miss the fruit three times, your game is over. There are bombs that will come randomly, don’t swipe those because you’ll end in a bang! As Arnold would say “Get out!! It’s a bomb!!...” 

In Arcade mode, it's more colourful, and you are timed to see how many point you can get within a minute. They do have bombs but if you hit them, it just minuses 10 points from your score.

In Zen mode, you don’t have any bombs or lives to worry about. just a time limit to see how many fruit you can chop up! You can also level up your sword or knife in the Dojo section.

Again, it's not too bad of an app. Great and easy for all ages, and a time filler. There is a free version and a paid version. I think it would be better to play the paid version, as you won’t have the ads that pop up every now and then! You can find the game on the Android market from the link below. Check it out! 

Fruit Ninja Free.

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