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Application: Star Chart

If you are an astronomer, or just want to know some of the names of stars, planets and more, there’s an app for that!  Star Chart is a great app that was in the ten cent app bucket just before Christmas.  I've heard of something similar on the iPhone and so when I saw it, I thought it might be worth looking into. This app comes in handy if you are out and about checking out the stars and wanting to know what a star is called or the planet you are looking at.


Star Chart
Star Chart
Star Chart
Star Chart

The app is pretty simple to use once you have it installed. Just point your Android to the sky in the direction you want to explore and Star Chart will tell you what the star, planet or constellation that you are looking at is. You don't have to swipe or move the screen as it uses the compass in your phone to get it's bearings. You can also search for a type of star, and it will point you in the direction that it sits at in the universe. The app will also tell you a little bit of information on that star. Check out the Star Chart app to bring out the astronomer nerd in you!

Download the app from the Android Market here.


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