NVIDIA Press Conference

Today at the NVIDIA press conference, the CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced the integration of the Tegra processor in the newest ASUS 7" Andriod device.  It is a quad core GPU that has a "Ninja" core.  This ninja core is responsible for the increased performance and extended battery life.  He also was very happy about the broad integration of Ice Cream Sandwich on tablets as well as phones, which allows all Android powered devices the ability to communicate with each other across one platform.

 All for One


Jen-Hsun also demonstrated a few new apps for Tegra 3.  One application was named SnapSeed - a photo app for tablets.  This app was very user friendly allowing anyone to edit the photos very easily with the effects happening in real-time.  Another app was the one I found most interesting.  It allows you to connect remotely to any windows driven PC and access all of its programs in full resolution.  He had a guest Johnathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel - a famous gamer - demo this app using a game controller.  Fatal1ty used a 10inch tablet to demo the new game Shadowgun.



Huang, also announced the release of thier newest Tegra 3 based Transformer Prime was available today - starting and a nice soft price of $499.

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