E-Fun Tablets at CES 2012

We have just checked out the E-Fun Tablets at CES 2012 and the good news is that all the tablets are running Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The E-Fun Tablets use capacitive touch screens and come in three flavors. 7" 8" and 10". Respectively priced $129, $169 and $199. Check out the video below of the E-Fun Tablets.

 E-Fun Tablets and Pens

These tablets are pretty responsive and I managed to get my hands on all of their upcoming models.  I asked if they were bringing the white version to market, but they admitted that it was just a prototype from the production line.

E-FUN Tablet Lineup
E-FUN Tablet Lineup
Another thing that E-Fun is doing is in a fairly big way is Smart Pens.  These enable you to digitize everything you draw or write with the pen and then use it on your favorite device.  They support PC, Mac, Android and even Blackberry.  That's right, apparently they didn't get the memo that BlackBerry is pretty much done.

aPen from E-Fun