ROCCAT at CES 2012

Today, we visited a new company ROCCAT. It is a German based company that develops, produces and packages all it products. They manufacture high quality PC peripherals like mice, keyboards and headsets. We got to check out the ROCCAT Kone Plus Max Customization Gaming Mouse. This mouse looks like any other mouse, but that's where the similarity ends. It has a total of 22 programmable buttons thanks to the Easy Shift button. I bet you think it is covered in buttons, but you would be wrong. The software is where this mouse excels. The software has way more adjust-ability than most mice I have seen. It is a 6000Dpi mouse that can calibrate itself to whatever surface you use it on.



ROCCAT Kone Plus Max Customization Gaming Mouse

Next we got to check out the ROCCAT Isku Illuminated Programmable Gaming Keyboard. It looks like any other keyboard, but does have unique feature. It has five programmable macro keys on the left side and three macro key below the space bar, which is something that I haven't seen before. It allows you to use your thumb for more than just jumping in a fps game. The Isku has software that has a lot of custom-ability just like the Kone Plus and they can communicate with each other via the software and the Easy Shift button. The Isku has a button that you can use while in game to set a macro to a selected key. this found to be a very nice feature you just don't see in other keyboards.



ROCCAT Kave 5.1

Last, we got to check out the ROCCAT Kave 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset. The Kave is constructed from high quality materials and has the same amount of attention to detail as their other products. Its control panel isn't close to the headset like others I have seen. It is place far enough away from the wearer that it isn't in the way or hanging off you clothes. The control panel also has a unique feature. It has a slider that lets you switch from gaming mode to movie mode. All of the ROCCAT product I saw had one detail I wished other company would do. They actually label their cables. So, no more guessing which cable you have, Nice!

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