Magellan at CES 2012

We stopped by Magellan this year for a bit and took a look at some of their gear and took a look at some of their new gear.  They are into the automotive GPS in a big way and are talking about safety.  This of course means that their screens are easier to look at as they are pumping out their 7" version.  They have a unit that has a rear-view camera as well.  The nice thing is that it has a wireless camera that is super simple to install.

Magellan 7" GPS


Their Explorist series of GPS was also on display and there are a lot of options to choose from.  They have a touch series as well as a button series that starts at $129 for the Geo-caching model.  This makes it affordable for almost everyone to get into a GPS.



If you don't want to carry around another device and you already have an iPhone, their have a nice app and a car dock for you to use and enjoy.  The nice thing about this app is that once it's installed, it doesn't require a data connection to use - as does Google maps.  On the other hand, if you do have a data connection you can do additional things like search on Yelp as well as Google for more current information and reviews.

 iPhone Magellan

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