Lian Li @ CES 2012

Once again we got the chance to stop by and check out the latest and greatest cases from Lian Li and just like every previous year at CES we didn't leave disappointed.


Lian Li TU-200 Case


Probably one of the coolest new products from Lian Li this year at CES would be the TU-200 (pictured above). This case has taken its inspiration from a suitcase and gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "portable computing". The TU-200 can fit either a mini-ITX or micro-ITX board inside as well as you can fit a full sized video card and a full sized power supply inside.


Lian-Li PC-100 Case


Another new product from Lian Li is the PC-100 case. The most distinguishing feature of this case is the fact that the motherboard is mounted in reverse inside this case. 


Lian Li EX-503 HDD Enclosure


Lian Li was also showing off a bunch of their small HTPC cases as well as their EX-503 HDD enclosure. The EX-503 HDD enclosure features both eSATA and USB 3.0 connectivity for speed connection speeds.


Lian Li PC-Q05


One of Lian Li's smallest HTPC cases would be the PC-!05 (pictured above). As you can see in the picture it would be pretty tough to find a slimmer HPTC case and thanks to a bunch of great HTPC motherboard manufactures you can still build a pretty hefty system in a very small case.

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