Ford at CES 2012

Ford is a company that doesn't need a lot of introduction.  They've been around longer than probably any other company at CES and this year they were showing off some great cars with a lot of great technology inside.  Pictured below is their latest all-electric concept card that is an absolute beauty.  The curves, lines and overall appeal of this car are hard to resist and deny and it's a sign of things to come from Ford.

Electric Concept  

Speaking of things to come, Ford introduced us to a few new technologies that they are working on.  They are all about "wellness" and how they can prevent accidents.  Check out this video to find out how it works.


Ford is also thinking ahead about connected automobiles and how this can affect safety, driving, and the future. 



Finally, William shows us Sync App-Link that allows you to have your phone applications show up on the cars Sync display.  This supports Android, iPhone and Blackberry.  He demo's Pandora and shows us how to control your Pandora app with the voice commands on your car.  It's pretty cool stuff. 




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