Patriot Memory @ CES 2012

Day 2 at CES 2012 featured a stop at Patriot Memory. Patriot doesn't really need much of an introduction as they've been one of the "big guys" in the memory market for quite some time. 



Patriot's 2012 SSD, Memory, and USB Drive lineup


This year Patriot was showing of their latest and greatest memory, SSD's (which now features the new Magnum model which is targeted at more of a value market), as well as some updated USB flash drives (including an updated Xporter model). 


Patriot PBO Core XT Media Player


One of  the coolest things that we saw at Patriot this year would have to be an updated model of the PBO Core media box (which we've had the chance to review in the past). The PBO Alpine is now running Android 2.2 and gives you even more customization option that you had previously (which was still more features than most media boxes offered). Also being shown off was the PBO XT which is a bigger version that now has support of both 2.5" and 3.5" HDD's inside. It will be very interesting to see these new PBO boxes in action when they begin to release in a few months (no release date is set yet but a late Q1 or early Q2 launch date is being targeted).

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