Verbatim @ CES 2012

Today, we visited the Verbatim booth. We got to see their line of Ultra Slim keyboards and folding keyboards. Then we got to check out there line of Solid State Drives. They make one SATA 2.0 model that comes in its own enclosure with software that can be used by the average computer user. This model would definitely be useful for the average user that wants more speed without having the hassle of installing an OS.They also make a SATA 3.0 model Solid State Drive for the more avid computer user to install inside their PC.

Next, we got a look at some of their peripherals. Verbatim is getting more into these type of devises. They have several lines of mice that we got to see. Then we got a look at lot of different flash drives along with some universal card readers. Then we got a look at their line of external hard drives. They had a 1 Tb external hard-drive that was only 7mm thick.

Verbatim Mice

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