Thermaltake @ CES 2012

Thermaltake at CES 2012 has a whole booth full of goodies and new products for the upcoming year. Thermaltake as always was showing off their full line of power supplies, cases, gaming peripherals, mobile power accessories, coolers, and much more. 

Thermaltake's Power Supply Lineup


Thermaltake was showing off a few new models in their power supply family. In the ToughPower series Thermaltake was showing off model all the way up to 1475 Watts which should be enough to power a small developing country.

Also being displayed in the picture above is the white version of Thermaltake's ToughPower series which will compliment their Snow series of cases.



Thermaltake FRIO Extreme


One of Thermaltake's new coolers being displayed was the FRIO Extreme. The original FRIO has been available for a while but the Extreme really lives up to it's name thanks to having 2 separate heatsink towers and two fans which should be able to handle a pretty toasty CPU.



Thermaltake Cases


Thermaltake also was showing off a couple cases in the Commander series (pictured above) as well as a couple new cases in the Level 10 Series. The Level 10 GTS is a smaller version of the Level 10 which was unveiled last year.



Thermaltake Water 2.0 Performer


Thermaltake also has a new line of water-cooling products and gives you 3 options for self-contained solutions. Pictured above is the Performer and the Pro versions of this product.



Thermaltake Level 10 GT - Modding Contest Winner


Thermaltake was also showing off a winner for a modding contest they ran this year, the winning case was on display in their booth and it was pretty obvious why it was chosen thanks to the amazing amount of detail that was put into this case.

That pretty much raps up our visit with Thermaltake for CES 2012. Check out our Day 2 Gallery for more pictures in our gallery.