Trendnet at CES 2012

Day 3 of CES started for me at the Mirage as I took a look at some products from Trendnet.  Trendnet is no stranger to the networking business and we've looked at their products for a long time.  They have some pretty solid wired networking products and have actually one of the fastest Dual-Band N routers we've tested.  Today they were showing off their new Wireless Range Extender - the TEW-736RE - a 300Mbps product that can make service in your house faster and better.


Also featured at their suite is the new 802.11ac-enable products - the TEW-D11DR router and the wireless ac media bridge - the TEW-800MB.  This stuff is rated at a blistering 1300Mbps and will be out later in Q2 of this year.  This looks pretty interesting although Zak mentioned that it would be ridiculously expensive.

1300Mbps 802.11ac
1300Mbps 802.11ac

It will be interesting to see how this product actually rates when it launches.  At this point it's still very early in the Draft 2.0 stage and will probably release still under the Draft 2.0 standard.  In time the wireless commission will go to a 3.0 and 4.0 standard before releasing the final product. 


One of the last things they showed off before we took off was their powerline products.  They've got a bunch of new products that are rated up to 500Mbps.  We have some samples booked for earlier this year.

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