Zotac at CES 2012

We managed to swing by the Zotac suite today where they treated us to some comfortable chairs and some "top secret" motherboards.  They let us take some pictures but we are not allowed to share what chipsets and sockets these upcoming motherboards are packing.  Suffice to say these will change the way you look at micro-PCs and what kind of power you can expect from a tiny system.

Ivy Bridge Zotac Board
Ivy Bridge ITX Board


In addition to the fancy new stuff, they were also showing off their entire line of Z-box systems and it's pretty impressive how much things have shrunk and will continue to shrink in physical size in this space.  We were banned from camera use when they showed us a prototype system that they are working on.  It's about the size of an Apple TV, but has a lot more features including a full OS.  Yeah.  Wow.

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