Edifier @ CES 2012

Well worth the visit on day 2 of CES, Edifier is a high-end audio equipment company that boasts great sound from uniquely attractive designs. Their CES award winning Spinnaker series (pictured below) is my pick for their best design on display this year. It features fantastic sound that is loud enough even to drown out the din of CES via its mid-range, tweeter and subwoofer speakers that are located respectively from the top to the bottom of each speaker. There is no additional woofer or external power supply.

Available in black as well as red, the system also features a Bluetooth enabled control module (also pictured below) which allows for wireless access to streaming audio and control of volume, power and track selection settings. Optical and auxiliary input ports also allow for wired connectivity.

The unique take on presentation that we've been accustomed to since reviewing Edifier's E3350 2.1 multimedia speakers is alive and strong in some of their other new models which includes their Tick Tock dock, an alarm clock shaped docking station for Apple or Bluetooth products, and their Prowler model, a three speaker system which features a piano gloss finished subwoofer that looks like an Imperial Death Star Gunner helmet (that's right, I'm talking about the helmets worn by the guys who shoot the Death Star's planet destroying laser).


Innovative in how they balance performance and appearance, Edifier delivers at CES again with systems that sound as good as they look and look as good as they sound.

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