Genius @ CES 2012

It's hard to say whether Genius showed us any products today that could actually be called 'genius' but that's an issue to be determined after some fair and objective use. Of all of their displayed computer peripherals, they selected their Ring Presenter as their item to demonstrate to us.


Touted as the "World's First Ring Style Touch Cursor Controller", the unit is specifically designed to be used in giving presentations, the idea likely being to give presenters another free hand so that they can make presentations more easily and effectively. Once more people actually get these into their hands (I am already enjoying my pink blink version), it will become clearer whether or not the idea works the way that it is supposed to.


While there is no doubt as to the functionality of the unit, it does indeed work quite well, there is doubt as to whether it is significantly better than over other, non-ring models. The unit features wireless USB for a simple interface and five buttons to be used for navigation and standard mouse control (like many other models). It also features a built in laser pointing device that will ideally always be aimed away from the eyes and face (like many other models).


Unlike other models, this control device can be worn as a ring. Time will tell if people want to wear their presentation controls in this way or if other applications for this item crop up. One thing is for sure, this is the world's first and only ring style unit so if you want to have a unique touch cursor control like this, you gotta get a Genius.

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