Android App Pick - Origami Tutorial

Application: Origami Tutorial

Have you found your creative side in life?  There are many things and ways in which to be creative.  If you like playing with paper and have an Android device; or your Asian and have actual analog paper handy, you should try the Origami Tutorial App.  I'm not exactly white, or Asian, but I do like being crafty with paper.  There are times you're at a dinner or maybe at the computer waiting for programs to load or possibly you're just in the mood to be "crafty".  The Origami Tutorial App helps you to make a paper flower, the classic paper crane or even the common hat for when you forgot to buy some for your brothers birthday party.

I know there are a lot of Origami Apps out there for sure, but I chose the Origami Tutorial App because it offers easy access and is great on the go.  It is not too simple so that it becomes boring, and is good for the average beginner. Scroll up and down to select your choice of item to make and you will see the pictures and written instructions as you scroll and fold.



There are 11 catigories on this app - including how to make a butterfly!  I'm not talking about using Kleenex, that could be um, yeah... Some take a while to figure out what the arrows are meaning, but I know there is a great leaf one to make a Canadian proud that won’t turn a maple leaf into a snow flake!  (Ask in the comments)  Overall, this is a fun App that will keep you busy for a few hours.


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