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Howdy app readers!  I hope you are able to enjoy this amazing weather we're having!  Here at BCCHardware HQ South, it's -30°C and snowing, so you might want to stay inside.  I understand that you may not like frostbite and want to stay indoors.  If you are a bit "sporty" you may like to kick or throw some ball, swim or run when its nice out.  Of course winter has its fun for outdoors too!  That being said, there are days that are cold and miserable like today for instance.  What can you do?  Some mornings maybe you feel as good as Tiger Woods but your favorite course is buried under a foot of snow, so what you need to do is pull out your handy dandy Android, go to the Market place and search for Flick Golf!

Flick Golf
Flick Golf - Main
Flick Golf
Flick Golf - Action
Flick Golf - Score
Flick Golf - Score


Flick Golf is a great, easy and simple game that was recently featured at $0.10 during the 10¢ app week.  The object of the game is to flick the ball with your finger and get it as close as you can to the hole.  You get points for each distance starting at 200 points on the outside ring and can score as much as 500 points as you get closer to the hole.  Each course requires a certain number of points before you can go on to the next level.  You can chose to go through three modes and try to become the ultimate flick golfer!  Some of the courses are not as easy as the game sounds!  Check it out and get your flick on!


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