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Silicon Power A66 Drives

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OLight Open, Obulb & MR2

Interview with SteelSeries' Kim Rom

Just prior to CES, HardwareHeaven had a chance to sit down with Kim Rom from SteelSeries and give us the scoop on some stuff that SteelSeries is working on and how they are positioning themselves for the future.  It's an interesting read for sure.

Q: I assume you use that product on your own PC. What other items do you use and are you a gamer... if so what sort of titles have you enjoyed this year?

A: I would suck at what I do if I wasn't a hardcore gamer. ;-) My gaming PC, is a laptop from MSI (with a SteelSeries keyboard), a Sensei, Siberia v2, QcK heavy and sometimes a 6Gv2 gets plugged into it. As for games - I am sorry to say this but I actually think 2011 was a relatively weak year...