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OLight Open, Obulb & MR2

Notebook Cooling

Ken takes a look at Cooler Master's latest. He takes a look at their PNC-U51 CoolPad Notebook cooler. These days it's quite important to keep that notebook cool as a lot of them are shipping with 3.0GHz+ processors. They tend to generate a bunch on heat, and it all ends up on your desk, or if you're not using a desk, your lap. Take a looky and find out if the CoolPad blows. . . or sucks. . .

"Back in the good old days, notebooks never produced much heat. The processors used in those notebooks were always a lot slower than their desktop brethren. And those notebooks were never required to be capable of running 3D games so they came with simple graphics chips that dissipated very little power. But today, faster notebooks are the order of the day as users shift heavier workloads to their notebooks. In fact, many users now insist that their notebooks must be capable of playing processor- and graphics-intensive games!"