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Sennheiser at CES 2012

Our very last meeting at CES 2012 was a stop by the large and very busy Sennheiser booth in the South Hall of the LVCC.  As usual, they were demonstrating a large number of their products and you could step into their sound booth to take a better listen to a plethora of the product they offered.  This year they were really excited about a couple of their latest headphones - including the HD-700 and Amperior.  These are geared to two totally different markets.  We'll cover both briefly.

The HD 700's are priced roughly between the HD 800 ($1499.95) and the HD 650 ($499.99) at a "mere" $999.99.  These are pretty stellar cans and offer some great features and an unparallelled listening experience.  As with all high-end headphones, you'll want to power these with a great receiver.  If you are merely plugging these into a $50 MP3 player, you won't experience anything close to what these can provide.  

HD 700


The HD 700's are best enjoyed with a high-end receiver, and great 192Khz 24-bit digital audio.  Anything less than 96Khz 24-bit is almost not worth the effort.  That being said, these sound great no matter what they are hooked to, but poor audio tends to still sound poor and the high quality drivers don't flatter crappy audio.

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