UEBO M400 WiFi Media Player - Detailed Specifications and Features

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Detailed Specifications & Features:

Before going into depth on the technical details about the product, I first will show you some of the specs found on Tigerdirect.

Uebo M400 1080p Wireless Network Media Player 

Type: Network Media Devices
Condition: New
Native Resolution: 1080p
Connector(s): USB

Optical Audio

Composite Video

Component Video


Coaxial Audio

Ethernet Connection
Playback Format: File Playback Formats
Decorder: Dobly True-HD

Dolby Digital DTS HD
Ports: Ethernet


Features: Remote Control





And here is a list of features from the Uebo website.

  • USB 3.0 support for lightning fast file transfers.
  • Supports up to the latest 3 TB HDD.
  • Gigabit Ethernet Network for smooth HD playback.
  • Built-in 802.11n WiFi.
  • Supports all media file formats.
  • True 1080p resolution plus HD surround sound.
  • PC-Less Torrent Download, NAS, FTP, DLNA support.
  • Play-back All Audio, Video, Photo Files Format On Your HDTV or Standard TV
  • Watch or Listen to Internet Content Like YouTube, Flickr, Internet Radio
  • Use It As Internet Browser To Check Your Latest News, Sports, Social, etc.
  • Watch Internet TV Channels Such As ESPN, NetFlix, CNN, TED w/PlayOn TV
  • Use It As Secondary Data Storage Device When Connected To Computer
  • Data Backup Server To Backup Data From Your External Storage Devices
  • Playback Content From Your uPnP/DLNA Server Like DirecTV, Windows 7, etc.
  • uPnP/DLNA Server To Stream Digital Media Content To PCs On Your Network
  • Digital Signage Server To Playback Your Digital Signage or Video
  • Unattended Torrent Download Station
  • Windows/Mac File Sharing Server 


On the next page we'll jump into the setup and installation of the Uebo M400.