UEBO M400 WiFi Media Player - Setup and Installation

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UEBO M400 WiFi Media Player
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Setup and Installation:

The initial setup of the M400 to a TV or home theater system is quite easy.  Just plug in the power cord and the respective cables and you are good to go.  The same cannot be said about installing a hard drive, even though it is still easy to a degree.  When the bottom is unscrewed the frame then becomes loose and very moveable as you can see in the photo.



Screwing the HDD into the base plate of the M400 is pretty easy but in order to connect the SATA and power cables correctly, also shown in the image above; the base plate has to be laid a certain way.  Please note the location of the wireless antenna for reference.  There is also only one way in which the base plate can be assembled.  As you see in the photo above the arrow on the plate should point toward the USB connections on the side of the unit when reattaching.  Some of this is documented in the user manual; however some of it is not very clear.  The other important and cumbersome thing to note on this is the fact that the edges of the metal frame are quite rough/sharp.  This combined along with the fact that the white wires connecting the front LCD display are crammed in on the side, causes an issue where they will pop up from the side away from the frame.  This is easier to see in the photo below.


Crammed Wires

It is already a tight fit when reattaching the plate with the HDD on, but the wires that pop out cause an issue where the HDD pushes them against the rough and sharp edge of the frame causing the protective coating to be cut into.  It may only be minor cutting/shaving of the protective coating but overtime this could cause a much bigger issue.  I feel just a tiny bit more space would have been very beneficial and would have made the HDD installation much easier and smoother.

On the next page, I dive into the review and see how it all shakes down.