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The Meat of the Review:

Before we go any further I must point out that certain features were not tested because they were not applicable or they were not able to be used due to limitations of the setup. These features include the FTP Server, USB connection, PlayOn software and the wired Ethernet connection.

When first using the M400 Media Player, I noticed that the menu and options were fairly simple to understand and navigate but that sometimes the menu lagged or the unit didn’t respond to the remote. I would also like to stress that it would be a good idea to look at the manual to figure out exactly how the remote works before using it for the more advanced options.

Overall, the menu is pretty straight forward and simple in that it has sections for music, movies, photos, a file browser for the network, internet apps, web browsing and system settings. The settings menu consists of sections for video, audio, network, misc and system preferences. These preferences can be confusing to the normal user but as I said earlier this unit is geared a little bit more toward those who are little bit more tech savvy but you can also refer to the user manual for more information. With that, this leads me to a problem I encountered while setting up the wireless.

First I should say, the unit was  on the same floor as the wireless access point with only a door and part of the wall in the way at most, while the door is left open a majority of the time. I started with the unit on the floor and it was able to detect the home wireless network, however, it would not connect. The odd part is that it showed the network as having very good signal strength as well. So then I moved it up so that it would sit on the same stand that the TV sits on, yet I still encountered the same issue. I then decided to hold the unit with the antenna facing in the direction of the access point and finally I was able to connect to the home network but I also found that if I moved it back to those two locations the wireless would then cut in and out a lot. I had to position the unit on top of one of the home theater speakers in order for it to have a constant connection with the access point and is shown in the image below.

On Screen
On Screen

This problem with the wireless would again later come back to be an issue which we will revisit in a moment.

After getting the network all set up I decided to check out the file browser which worked perfectly as I could browse the SD card I inserted, the HDD I installed, or the workgroup computers that were on the network and sharing files. After locating music files, I found I was able to stream them from the computer to the M400 over the network pretty well. When it came to video files, streaming them from the computer to the media player was quite difficult. They would play for a moment, stop and then buffer and the cycle would repeat. It was quite the disappointment but as I mentioned before the connectivity issue to the access point came back to be a problem again.


This was the first time I have ever had an issue with the wireless not connecting in the house I tested the same functions of streaming with a laptop from the exact same location as the media player. The result was that the laptop had no issues streaming from another computer. I did a file transfer benchmark from one computer to the M400. Transfer rates back and forth would cap out at around 100 KB/s, which may be workable for audio files but when it comes to video files that is way too slow.  I am not sure what the issue is here but I would expect much better wireless reception from this unit as all the other wireless devices in the house have no problems.

We'll continue with more testing and usage on the next page.