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Testing the M400 - Continued
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Getting back to the file browser, not only can you access and play files from other computers but you can also open a menu where you can copy files from the other computers or devices and place them on the HDD of the M400. You can also access the M400’s HDD from another computer on the network as well, however it won’t show up in the network window (reason unknown to me), as you have to manually connect to it via the directions in the user manual. To go along with that you can remove and add files to the media player’s HDD at any time, but I suggest that once you are done, to rescan the HDD for the file changes.

Another feature that is related to the file browser is the UPnP server and client functions. In setting up the M400, you can choose if you want to enable UPnP or not. When enabled, all the media on the installed HDD of the M400 is now accessible to all devices on the network and shows up as a media device in the network. Setting up the M400 to be a server is the easy part, however setting up a computer to be the server and use the M400 as a client can be tricky, especially when they don’t give instructions for Win 7 setup.

Using the libraries section in an explorer window, you can change the settings to what directories you would like to include in those libraries. After that, you would have to enable sharing of those libraries via the homegroup and thus will show up as a media device on the network. Once the homegroup is setup all you need to do then is change its settings for what to share and what devices are allowed to access the media. The M400 may show up as an unknown device. With that setup aside I was then able to access media from the PC via the UPnP section of the file browser and was then simple file and folder browsing after that. The file browser and the UPnP features are great to have on this media especially when hooked up via the wired Ethernet as you can at that point enjoy your movies and music just about anywhere in the house.

For a short summation of the libraries on the M400, all multimedia files that are saved to the storage media that is directly attached to the media player will show up in their respective sections once they are detected. The same can be said for a file that was deleted, it will still show up until the media player determines that the file has been removed.

As a segue into the internet media section I would like to open with the Bit Torrent (BT) feature and say that this is a really great feature and works amazingly but it is key to remember that this function only works when a HDD is installed in the M400. The great part is that you can use the file browser and navigate to anywhere on the storage media or on the network to find the torrent, and with it selected hit the OK button on the remote to open it and add it to BT downloader. The main settings as to how you control your torrents remain the same from normal torrent programs such as speed limits up and down, how many jobs at once, auto deletion of jobs that have been finished for more than a certain time period along with which torrents get top priority. This feature is great so that you no longer have to download what you want to another location and then transfer it to the media player. You can just download it straight to the media player itself. 


As for the other internet media options it has some great free apps such as YouTube, Pandora, Flickr, Audio and Video Podcasts, Picasa, Yahoo weather and finance, SHOUTcast radio along with some other lesser known apps. To me these are great apps especially Pandora and SHOUTcast Radio, but the unit truly is lacking in apps for free use. I would have liked to see Facebook and Twitter included and even though I don’t use it, an app for Netflix. Even though those are missing there is an option to purchase a subscription to a service called PlayOn.tv that will allow you to get many internet TV channels such as Netflix, ESPN, CNN, Fox News, Foxsoccer.tv and CBS. One issue with that though, is if you already have accounts to Hulu, Netflix and other such websites, you would end up having to be paying again for something that you already have an account for. There is also much more additional content that is also included and in my opinion if you don’t have a TV service such as cable or dish already, or in that you want to scale back from expensive TV packages, this could be a great feature for you to get.

There are still limitations as to what you can receive and with that, you may not be able to get everything you want via that route. For me and my family we get everything we need from our cable package and then some, so we are well covered. If we were to switch to just this PlayOn.tv service it would be major downgrade and we would not get everything we wanted such as ESPN 2, ESPN U, Food Network, and the local cable channel that carries our local sports teams games. But as I said my family is satisfied with our current cable package. The PlayOn.tv service can still be a good option to have if you want to have it as an addition to TV package as sometimes the TV packages can only be limited to one room before it starts to get really expensive. This PlayOn.tv service has 3 subscription options, monthly at $5, annually at $40, or a onetime payment of $80. Personally in my opinion, I would get one month to try it and if you love it then get the onetime payment subscription; otherwise it’s not worth it.


With all of that said, we move on to the last features of the M400 Media Player, the web browser. This feature is an amazing item to have included with this unit however; it has way too many issues with for it to be a selling point for the Media Player. The remote that comes with the M400 is good and is usable with everything else however with the web browser it almost seems like it’s a useless tool. It takes far too long just to type out a web address when wanting to go to a certain web site. In addition to that, in my opinion their Mini Keyboard with Touchpad has be included with this product, otherwise it renders the web browser totally useless.

In relation to previous topic on internet apps, if you choose not to purchase a PlayOn.tv subscription you are left to use the web browser to access your Hulu or Netflix accounts. Trying to access them via the web browser just does not work either as there are even more issues with the web browser that arise. A huge issue is that adobe flash player is not supported by the web browser, and on top of that when trying to go to certain websites it will tell me that the privacy policy has changed and just leave me at a page with that message. Even when I try to reload the page or get back to it another way it still gives me the same error.

Another big issue and a huge reason why the mini keyboard with touchpad has to be included is the fact that browsing certain sites the navigation is almost near impossible as it skips over half the page or the entire page because it can’t recognize the layout of the middle of the page and its links. On some pages when you try to click a link or download a torrent, it will crash the whole unit and make it reboot and to top it off, pages that seem to use java also will not load. Overall, this web browser is very disappointing.